3 Activities Ideal For Printed Farm Animal Comic Strips

Comic strips provide a fun way for children to read and look at art, but you can go way beyond just the strips to provide some creative spark and critical thinking for children. 

Along with reading comic strips online, you have the opportunity to print out comics and create some fun activities for children to do at home. Learn some unique ways to use farm animal comic strips for family activities.

1. Fill in The Blank 

Allow children to come up with their stories and punchlines when you eliminate the text from word bubbles. You could remove text multiple ways. If you're familiar with photo software, then you could copy the comic strips and manually erase the word bubble text. You could also print out the comics and use whiteout to get rid of words. 

From there, have a child write out their own comic word bubbles and present them to you.

2. Decoupage Projects

Turn farm animal comic strips into works of art when you create a decoupage project with a child. Pick out a small object like a wooden box or picture frame.

Then use craft glue or a specialty glue made specifically for decoupage projects. Dip the printed comic strips into the glue mix and then layer them around the object. You can overlap the comic strips and lay them out in different directions to create unique designs.

Once the glue fully dries, you will have a collage design of comic strips that feature farm animal art. A child can display the art piece in their room or another area of the home. For larger objects, you should print out several different comic strips so you have a wide range of options to choose from and enough to cover everything.

3. Comic Strip Puzzles

Turn printed comic strips into fun puzzles that encourage a child to use creative thinking. Print out a collection of comic strips and cut each panel of a strip separately.

At first, you can have a child piece together a single strip and try to use context clues and pictures to make sure the strip goes in the correct order. Once a child masters the single strip, you could cut up multiple strips and increase the challenge to put the pieces back together.

If you have multiple children, then consider a race to see who can put their comic strip back in the correct order the fastest.

Along with these ideas, see what other fun projects your children come up with printed comic strips.