Reasons To Honor Someone With A Bronze Statue

When you're looking to commission a piece of art that will honor someone who has passed away or is perhaps still living, you have a few options to consider. While some people may commission a painting of this individual, another type of art is a bronze statue. A local studio that excels in custom bronze creations can use images of the person in question and create a statue in a size that suits you. You can then display the statue in an area of prominence, whether it's in the lobby of a company's building or in a community area. Here are some reasons that a bronze statue can be a good way to honor someone.

It Offers More Realism

There's no denying that a high-quality painting can offer a high degree of realism, but don't overlook the value of choosing a bronze statue instead. Because the statue is three-dimensional instead of two-dimensional, it can often offer more realism. For example, instead of someone just looking at the statue from one angle, they'll be able to walk entirely around it and appreciate its realistic design. If you're honoring someone who has passed away, a representation of them as a statue can offer a powerful sight.

It's Suitable Outdoors

You obviously wouldn't want to display a painting anywhere but indoors, but bronze statues are valuable because they can work indoors or outdoors. Having the option of setting up the statue in an outdoor space can often be appealing. For example, if you're honoring a former resident of your area, it can make sense to do so with a statue at a local park. You might feel that an outdoor display in a park that people frequently use would give a chance for more people to see the statue than if you were to commission a painting that you'd hang in a community building.

It May Feel More Permanent

Even though paintings can last for a long time, you might feel that a bronze statue offers more permanence. If you want the piece that you commission to stand the test of time, a statue can be a good option to pursue. Even outdoors, these statues are highly durable and resistant to damage, which means that the statue you order can be a fixture for generations to come.

Contact a local statue artist to learn more about ordering a custom bronze statue to honor someone.