3 Ways To Read & Connect With Poems You Love

Poems often go a lot deeper than the words printed on the page. As you seek out poetry for emotional turmoil, you can find multiple ways to connect to the poems rather than just reading the poems to yourself. Check out some ideas, find deeper meanings, and expand the way poetry impacts your life.

1. Live Readings

Book stores, coffee houses, and small clubs may offer live poetry readings and open mic nights where you can share some of your favorite poems. While many people share their own poems, readings of popular works are also done. Before you start a poem reading, be sure to give credit to the author and publication from where you sourced the poem from.

A live poem reading for emotional turmoil will help you feel the emotions more and connect with others through the same content. After your reading, you may have open discussions about the poems and feelings associated with the process. If you found the process healing or helpful in any way, then you could make live readings a regular thing.

2. Poem Voice Recordings

If you're looking for a more private way to experience poems you love, then consider recording poems on a personal device like a computer or phone. Record the poems as you recite lines. Reading poems out loud can help you break down the cadence, connect with specific lines, and go through the emotional journey.

After recording, you can playback your readings at any time and hear your own voice recite the words for a deeper connection. Any time you're feeling down or want to connect with the poetry, you can simply play your audio files back again and hear the poems at any time.

If you're uncomfortable with your own voice, consider having a friend or family member read the poems for you.

3. Handwriting Poems

As an alternative to audio, consider handwriting some of your favorite poems. When you handwrite, you can purposely write words and feel the impact of specific lines. You could purchase a journal specifically for writing out poems. Play around with different ways to write out the poems. For example, you could use different colored pens to write out words.

Consider using highlighters to mark your favorite lines from the poems. When you look back on the poems, you will see what you connected with the most and have new ways to read and enjoy the poems.

When you expand beyond basic reading, you will find a lot of ways to connect deeply with poems and go through your personal emotional journey.