3 Reasons To Enroll Your Little One In An Online Musical Theater Camp

If your little one loves to sing, you might be looking for great ways to get them involved. Musical theater camps may not be offered in person in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but many schools are offering online programs to get kids singing. Here are three reasons you should sign your child up for an online children's musical theater camp

1. Gain Confidence at Home

Sometimes, it can be hard for a child to bust out their musical chops in front of other people for the first time. If your little one is new to singing, it might be smart to start them out online so they have the opportunity to belt out their best solo without worrying about other people watching them intently. Gaining confidence is a huge part of musical theater, so the earlier you start your little one, the easier real-time performances will become. 

2. Polish Skills

Whether your child needs to work on their projection or their pitch, it's always good to have a way for them to learn. By enrolling them in musical theater camp, you can help them gain access to live professionals who can help them with everything from diction and rhythm to breath and voice. 

When your child can recognize their mistakes and resolve them proactively, they can become a better singer quickly and can have more fun participating in musical theater. 

3. Build Friendships

It's always nice to give your child face-to-face access to other kids, especially when they have been lonely inside their home. Online musical theater camps may contain break-out sessions where your child can talk with other kids, which can help them to build friendships and master social skills. 

Parents should always monitor their kids closely — even when their child is participating in an online, remote learning situation — to screen for things like bullying. Be mindful of who your child is watching or talking with during e-learning sessions, and report issues immediately. 

If you are thinking about online musical theater camp for your child, it's important to explore different programs to see what they offer. Every different program has perks and drawbacks, so make sure you understand exactly what is being offered, how often your child will be able to participate, and what all of the fees cover. By choosing the right program, you can make sure that your child will have the best time possible. After all, great education starts with a happy kid.