Sign Up For A Beginner Watercolor Course

Do you consider yourself creative and are you interested in painting realistic seascapes or abstract scenes that relate to your mood and the setting that surrounds you? There are many online watercolor painting courses that are instructed by seasoned artists and that are geared toward beginner painters. Delve further into some of the courses that are offered, sign up for one that sounds fun, and purchase all of the art supplies that you need to get started.

Choose A Live Or Pre-Recorded Course

There are two main types of watercolor painting courses. A live course will involve listening to and watching a teacher as they add paint to a canvas. You will be guided through each project, which will be finished in one or more sessions. A live course is to be completed on a designated date. You may receive a syllabus, which will help you prepare for upcoming projects. This will help you determine what art supplies you will need, ahead of time. 

A pre-recorded course will involve watching tutorials that are broken down into segments. Again, an instructor will demonstrate each painting technique. The tutorials can be viewed at a pace that you are comfortable with.

You will  have the opportunity to review each tutorial as many times as you would like to and can pause specific portions of each tutorial if you would like to slow down during a particular step, but don't feel the need that you need to watch a tutorial more than once.

An overview of the pre-recorded course will likely be provided so that you can learn about the projects that will be introduced and the paint and additional art supplies that are needed to complete each one. Some watercolor painting courses are free to participate in, yet others may require an upfront fee.

Purchase Art Materials And Set Up A Workstation

You may think of painting as a relaxing activity and this is pretty much accurate, but you should have all of your art supplies within reach and a spacious and organized workstation at your disposal so that you can immerse yourself in each project. After you sign up for a course, read over the list of recommended supplies.

Although an easel is not a necessity, consider purchasing one if you do not have one so that you can quickly set up each canvas prior to participating in the painting steps that your teacher instructs. Purchase plenty of paint and brushes and clean your art supplies at the end of each class so that the materials will be ready for use during the next session.

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